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Top tips for Business Owners and Managers during Covid-19

published 21 May 2020


Right now, it's important to motivate and engage your staff with your immediate plans for your business, whilst reassuring them about their safety. Whilst there is always uncertainty about the longer term, it’s about getting people to focus on now and what can be controlled. This might mean changes to your employee contracts, policies, and procedures to ensure that you can run your business effectively and to be prepared for what might happen.


My top 3 tips are:

  1. Consult – staff won’t want to return back to the workplace if they don’t have trust and confidence in you. Listen, put a simple method in place for staff to raise concerns and respond asap. The key word with consultation is TRUST. And that means communicate, communicate, communicate – about H&S measures, any changes, how the business is progressing etc
  2. Lead by example – give clear direction and guidance, be a role model, especially in terms of social distancing and handwashing
  3. Be kind – to your staff and to yourself. We are in an unprecedented situation and my advice is not to underestimate the different impact this has on each person and try to see life through their lens as well as through your own.
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